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"Beautiful Tomorrow never comes, When it comes it's already Today"

The seed of LFL was planted on the 16th of May 2010. The Holy Worship in the form of Bhumi Poojan was held, Chairman. "The idea of opening a world-class school struck my mind when this auspicious year 2010 began, but as I had been very much new to this type of thought. It was out of my mind for some time but with the grace of God, the idea of this noble cause made me sleepless & then in the name of the Almighty Sh. Khatu Shyam Ji, I started working on it & now I am before you, to lead the charming & energetic team of LFL, welcoming you to Enroll your children in your own Organization & that will be your best support."

"God directs your steps, He has plans and he has time, God's clock is never too early well on time"

Your kids deserve the best education

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