Shree Narayan Baheti, M.B.A ( Finance & Marketing ) Chairman

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the parents for responding their trust & faith in our school . Each of our children is a star . In addition , in each of these stars there is a sparkle that shines . Therefore the best service we can do , as a learning institute is to move beyond any pre-conceived notions and prejudices and help to develop that unique spark that a child possesses . The Love Fun Learn ( LFL ) is operating from Sujangarh Road , Nokia by the Ramgopal Omprakash Baheti family.

It is the school , which caters the children from 2 years onwards . Our programs incorporates an integrated curriculam that promotes learning primarily through music , art , drama , projects , discovery centers , computer activities , fields trips , outdoor play and adventures . In today's time , we see that concept of play school is increasing very rapidly in India and its demand is increasing day by day . So many vast changes have been occurring in education sector . Since 2000 , we are witnessing a change in concept of education . Technology in this sector is growing day by day . So keeping only two words in my mind that is 'Quality' and 'Standard' I have initiated this school. I hope that I will get a good response from citizens of Nokha and around.
Mr. Vinay Kumar Tiwari -Principal 
you are going to entrust your children with us . Thanks for providing us the privilege to guide your future in form of your child . The school is going to follow the most befitting system framed by academic experts in conformity with guidelines of famous CBSE school on international pattern . Our sincere endure will be to provide the quality education at a very affordable fee structure so that no deserving student is deprived . The expert teachers and their students are going to have a very special relationship in which they will learn to care each other like a family . The aim of the school is not only to produce students with high scores in academics but also confident citizens with positive attitude towards life and society . There is no activity more self rewarding than a service to a child . Its my greatest desire to spot the talent in each child at the grass root level and nurture it . In my view the child's failure is the failure of the system . A pupil of modern era needs to have a stress free education where corporal punishment is practically non existent . Emphasis must be laid on scholastic as well as co-scholastic activities aiding the children to developed an all round holistic personalities . The role of teacher in the 21st century is shifting towards influencing the learning behavior of the student not controlling the flow of informations . Today the new technologies are so attractive to the student and the teacher should harness their fascination for some educational benefit . The construction of building of LFL is stunning and eye catching with all modern amenities . It's unbelievable in a record time . The management has provided the latest computer technology in the form of Educomp and HCL these processes will go on continuously and your child will go making remarkable achievements not only in academics but also in co-curricular activities . Our school has just born but I am confident that it will stride well ahead through out Rajasthan . The mission statement in LFL Nokha is to help each child discover his unique talent and enrich him with the skills , set wider exposure to become disciplined , responsible and compassionate world class citizen , and we are totally committed to it.
Welcome to I am suggesting few things by which you may improve your healthy routine .You should make a detailed note of your daily academic activities as well as the home work assigned to you. Students may make a brief record of various difficulties and problems they encounter daily. It will be appreciated if the students do their homework themselves, unassisted by their tutors or parents. This will imbue them with the spirit of inquiry and independent study. In this way they will learn from their mistakes and recognize the difference between right and wrong. Worthy Parents, This message is for you. You should regularly look into the progress of your child / ward and keep your self aware of the day to day information regarding school activities and home assignment. The parents are also advised to keep themselves in regular touch with the administration and the teachers for the overall academic and co-curricular progress of their ward. Esteemed Parents , A word to you here would not be amiss as I am talking regarding the home-work assignment which is every day intelligently , rationally and meticulously planned . sometimes it is different for the different categories of students ; the intelligent , the average and the weak . It is neither perfunctory nor unnecessarily burdensome. Any formal information regarding academics or co-curricular activities must be notified with the students along with their daily home assignment especially in pre-primary sections. A constant necessary flow of information from parents is always welcome because interactions for a common goal always improve the results. Smooth working of an organization is an evidence of co-operation among all the components of the team and that is what I expect from you.


Your kids deserve the best education

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